Why is simulation an exceptional tool?

Through our business simulations, students can step into the shoes of a CEO and manage their own business in a competitive market.

This provides them hands-on experience in decision-making when they have to transfer their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Learning by doing

Our simulations are designed to enable students to put the knowledge they have acquired into practice

Increasing engagement

Boosting student engagement through gamification and by creating a competitive environment


User-friendly interface with built-in diagrams, auto-calculation and teacher support admin features

Get Started with Edu Business Simulations

Integrate our educational simulation into your finance, marketing, management or business curriculum. Give your students the opportunity to open a virtual shop, run a company or and industrial enterprise. Allow them to make mistakes, experience the sweet taste of victory, and face the consequences of their actions.

What is a business simulation?

A web-based application that models the economic operation and processes of a virtual company in a chosen industry. Players make strategic decisions on behalf of the Board of Directors and must make strategic decisions to ensure the successful operation of the company in areas such as finance, marketing, HR, sales and production.

How to integrate simulation in your class?

Motivate your students by linking theory to practice. Assign strategic decision-making as homework and analyse solutions together in class. Make your class more captivating by organizing a house competition with the simulation, the results of which can count towards their assessment.

See what best suits your field of expertise!

Choose from a range of various industries from banking through retail to manufacturing. Take a look at our wide range of products. Scroll through our simulations for the best solution!

Choose from our wide range of simulations!

In the simulation, participants make economic decisions as the leader of a town. In the game, in addition to making decisions for the city government, they also have to make project-related decisions and decisions in accordance with state laws.
Production, Commerce & Marketing
In the simulation, the players take over the management of a virtual FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company as members of managing board. The simulation is about a beverage manufacturing and distribution company with a focus on quality production, marketing, resource,- and project-management.
Advanced Retail
This simulation models the business decisions of a bicycle retailer. Strategic decisions have to be made regarding sales, supplies and storage, as well as budget and resource management. Here the players also have to manage the cost of infrastructure.
SnowHotel is not only recommended for tourism and hospitality students, but also for all business students, as there are general financial, HR, marketing and project management decisions to be made during the game.
Strategy & Branding
This game puts you in charge of a virtual tech company that manufactures and sells tablets, smartphones and laptops. So, in addition to basic business decisions (sales, HR, promotion), the players have to make decisions about production and R&D.
Production Management
Players are tasked with successfully managing a company that manufactures and sells car parts and engines.. The simulation gives participants the opportunity to apply their basic production management skills in a practical way, and to gain insight into strategic issues of manufacturing and management.
Production Management
In the simulation, the participating teams take control of a virtual agricultural machinery factory as the management team responsible for production. The simulation models the operation of a company that manufactures and supplies cutting tables, trailers and other combine harvester parts.
Finance & Banking
The focus of bank simulation is to understand and experience financial transactions and processes. We recommend BankSim primarily to students of finance, as it is a great way to gain insight into the financial market.
Small Business Management
Players take control of a small shop selling groceries, newspapers and sweets. In CornerShop, students can choose to enter new markets and widen their product range. We recommend the simulation for those who want to put basic economic processes and concepts into practice.
Strategic Planning
This simulation game models the operation of a company that develops and sells software. The objective is to increase the value of the company in the long term, which depends on several factors. In TechCo, more complex processes are simulated, and it is therefore recommended for the target group at the end of their studies.
Only training
Insurance & Finance
In this game, students can step into the shoes of the top management team of an insurance company. Through Simsurance, they can gain insight into the workings of an insurance company and the industry-specific challenges it faces.
Only training
Sales & Retail
The CarDealer simulation models the operation of a business dealing in new and used cars and related services. It is engaged in the following business activities: selling new and old cars, servicing, selling spare parts and renting cars.
Only training
Pharmacy Simulation
In the simulation, teams take over the management of a pharmaceutical wholesaler, where they have to make economic decisions to run the company. During the game, participants will have to make decisions on marketing, sales, product licensing, as well as financial decisions and logistics, among others.
Only training
Utility Management
During the game, the players take over the management of an imaginary electric utility company, where they have to analyze data, make decisions and define strategy. The aim is to run the company efficiently.
Only training
Gas Station Network
In the simulation, the participants act as the management team of a service & gas station network in a virtual country. The company sells fuel and other products such as non-food, grocery and hot beverages in their shops. Additionally, players can initiate various development projects, eg., installing electric car charging stations and providing car wash services.
Only training
Mobile & IT services
For the duration of the game, participants will take the lead of a virtual telecom service company, where they will have to make decisions in the areas of pricing, marketing, HR, R&D and finance, and will also have the opportunity to options to launch projects.
Only training
Postal Services
In the simulation, the players are responsible for managing an imaginary postal company, making economic decisions to ensure efficient operation. The aim is to familiarize participants with the business culture, the market environment and competition, to experience market/economic decisions from a new perspective and to understand them better.
Only training
Healthcare Business
The simulation models the operation of a medium-sized, 220-bed imaginary hospital and clinic, in which players can decide on marketing, investment, improvements and projects.

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  • 1 given simulation
  • 1 course
  • 2 rounds/ course
  • 3 periods/ round


  • 3 teacher accounts
  • 100 users per course
  • 1 chosen simulation
  • unlimited courses
  • 6 rounds/ course
  • 10 periods/ round


  • 30 teacher accounts
  • 2000 users per course
  • 3 chosen simulation
  • unlimited courses
  • 6 rounds/ course
  • 10 periods/ round

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