Telekom - Mobile & IT services

In the simulation, participants take over the management of a virtual telecommunications service company as a top management team. The task of the players to define strategy, make managerial decisions, and analyze data. The goal is to run the company successfully, i.e. to maximize the performance index, which consists of several factors in addition to profit.

In the simulation, the telecommunications company provides the following services: ICT device sales; mobile phones and mobile internet; landline telephone, Internet and TV. Players need to serve both retail and corporate customers in the simulation. They have to make decisions in the areas of pricing, marketing, HR, R&D and finance, furthermore, it is also possible to launch projects. Competing companies in the game start from the same position in an economically moderately developed but booming country.

In the game, we do not detail the technical basis of the “telecommunications process” because the current simulation, which primarily seeks to capture the specifics of management and the market, does not intend to focus on this.

How Telekom simulation software works:

  • The students form groups and take over the management of the virtual company created by the simulation software.
  • The virtual company is managed by making strategic decisions for every year.
  • The software gives a written feedback about the results of the decisions.
  • The software settings can be modified in various ways based on different demands, project costs, fluctuation and a number of other factors.
  • The software can simulate up to 8 periods.

Advantages and learning points:

  • The program shows a basic economic activity, the operation of a producing company, highlighting the most important strategic points in the management of the company.
  • The program is complex enough to synthesize and put into practice the knowledge of students, who are close to finishing their studies.
  • The game challenges and develops analytical skills, as students are required to find the data they need from various financial and commercial reports (for example balance sheets, income statements, cash flow, market research).
  • As a result, just like in real life, effective teamwork is essential to successfully complete the game.